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EVILSPIRIT0January 23, 2020Details
Baby Evelyn brain injury during birth 3December 30, 2019Details


Steven Smith
Good morning, I have a prayer request and I pray you will stand in agreement with my concern and prayer. There is an evil spirit or two that live and reside in my body, From time to time it will transfer into someone else body temporarily and seems to always return. My mother who I live with also experiences the same occurrence but she doesn't realize what it is. It began around 1996 my dad who was an assembly of God minister, was casting out demons along with another assembly minister. I truly believe, one of these spirits transferred (similar to the ones who transferred into the swine when Jesus commanded them out for the man standing outside the city limits naked). Our family has always had many blessings, and good lives up until that point. My Dad's church prayed for his heart condition, and healing since he had a mild heart attack which I feel was this evil spirit. The Doctors performed open heart surgery and did several other operations, and placed my dad on blood thinners and aspirin. Poor choice, amazing how demons can work together to remove someone from the picture isn't it. My dad was preaching one Sunday and his nose started to bleed during the service, He made an appointment and was suppose to get his medications changed. The day of the appointment the Doctors office called and cancelled Dads appointment, later that night, my niece came over to spend the night with my parents, except, my niece did something to totally upset my dad, causing him to have a brain hemorrhage bleeding from his nose, ears, and eyes, his head basically filled with blood. Satans deed was done. I got a phone call from my mother out of her mind, I drove the 6 miles to find out what had happen. My dad was in a comatose state as he looked me in my eyes, I felt something weird was going on, I will never forget that feeling at this point I believe the demon transferred into me. I thought maybe dad was overdosing on his medications, so I attempted to walk him around and was literally wrestling with him trying to get him to recovered he never did. Every since that night, my mother and I have had nothing but jinx, evil, bad luck, no luck and NOTHING good given. Shortly after I ended up divorced against my will, lost a very high paying job for nothing besides this demon DOING HIS job. I was forced to sale our home, sale everything, and found myself with no friends or family forced to move in with my now single lonely mother. That was 19 years ago and thousands of prayers later. To this day not one day comes and goes without this evil spirit demon, harassing, taunting, cursing, making life miserable. My mother has also experienced over 20 years of total evil and nothing good. These so called all powerful Gods hear our prayers, so what do prayers change when dealing with a power of darkness like the one that plagues me and my mother, NOTHING, prayers have no impact (or minimal) effect on this spirit this what a be principality, this ruler of darkness, I seriously can not tell you of our losses, very high, very extreme, very costly, and most of all, our lives we should of been living and enjoying our families and friends and our own homes. We have no holidays, our thanksgivings are spend in Chinese restaurants, we give freely for Christmas presents but now given back, why because that's what Satan wants this demon wants. Even at work, I bring others food, share things, and I get nothing in return, The bible speaks about giving and receiving, Give freely and it shall be given? I guess God allowing this demon to reside and live inside believers he feels he is exempt from having to honor his bible. Let me tell you what we experience as this spirit attacks us from the inside out. Things like anger, jealousy, lust, pride, aches, envy, strife, worry, shame, and burdens, manifested to higher levels than it should be or would normally be experienced. Body pains, aches, mistakes, errors, poor decisions which are turned and used against us. For example since my mothers bank account has been drained because of Satan, and these demons, she is convinced she is going to win Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes. A desperate cry out for financial help since I am unable to help her much, because this demon convinced me to go to seminary to rack up an excessive high student loan I have to pay every month because its ALL GODS as it turns out, ITS NOT ALL GODS is it. We have both been put under deep financial burdens because of the lies this spirit has gotten by with. I depleted my 401k because I was once again mislead to attend trade school and take the time to get a degree so I could find a decent paying job. The job I presently have, is the result of this demon, I was installing an antennae in attic, which has insulation. A I came down, I made a comment to my mother two things I really don't like, insulation and salespeople, I ended up working in insulation for a salesperson see the magic of Satan. Prayers, silent prayers, our words that we speak things we feel, become cursed and used against us. There is no prosperity (Jeremiah 29:11), there is no replacement or restoration Mark 10:23-31, Luke 18:23-31, its all impossible and we are truly victims of decisions we have been misled to make because of evil spirits claiming to be deceased relatives who entered my dads body trying to free someone else from this evil spirit. Not one day goes by, that me and my mother are not tormented, tortured, abused, cursed, or damned because of this presence. Thousands of prayers have no impact or effect on this demon, hands laid on, prayed over has no impact or effect nothing changes it just stays in satans world. I was mislead that a coworker was going to be my bride, from January 1st 2019 until now all last year, a message soon, coming soon, quick, she is the one, as it turns out she is now engaged my job is a dead end, going nowhere, I prayed for a Christian coworker what I got was satan in disguise who has caused and created more problems than any one I have ever known, and she is still employed here, Last year one of the other people I worked with a Christian was fortunate enough to find a new higher paying job, before her replacement was hired I prayed that a certain individual would not be hired, a man who was a customer that I never got along with for 14 years talks down to other people, ended up getting the job, Satan once again has control over my life, This is what you get from thousands of prayers asked in faith by Christian prayer organizations. Last fall I was going through a very difficult time, my Christian cousin prayed for me, once again temporary relief, about two days and this spirit reappeared, around Thanksgiving being fed up with me and my mothers holidays and the lack of friends, family, and togetherness, my next door neighbor a woman of great faith prayed for me and my mother still the same results. This has become a demon cycle, a playground for demons and evil getting by with doing whatever they want to and NO CONTROL by God. We have literally wasted our lives, while the demons and evil spirits get to relish their lives, enjoying doing what they want to and a God who hears prayers and REFUSES to do anything about it. I am convinced there are spirits on earth that seem to have a bigger power than the Gods, because it sure is funny how me and my mothers lives, just aren't what they should be when I see hundreds and thousands of Christians reaping harvest they never sow. A Christian minister who expected the church to pay for his sons college of 170k dollars, and they caused a big stink and left the church, the results, a new bigger home, a higher paying job, his sons tuition paid for, a new life a warmer climate, and this is what you get when you cause such a big scene. TAKEN VERY GOOD CARE OF. Another example of how I see Christians being blessed, another neighbor wanted me to pray for her house to sell they been trying to sell it for a long time, I prayed and two weeks later their house was sold and they were making arrangements to move. Sure is funny, how so many being blessed and so well taken care of, I guess when you have a power of darkness like me and mom have were excluded were forced to deal with it accept the garbage I give you, and over look at how well I take care of everyone else, while the demons get to have a lot of fun at our expense. THIS IS A PROBLEM, AND ITS A PROBLEM I HAVE ASKED THOUSANDS OF TIME ABOUT, WITH NO SUCCESS. Pray often pray continuously (1 Thessalonians 5:17) pray among other believers and it shall be given (Matthew 18:19, 20) nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37), I will never leave or forsaken you, ignore Satan and he shall flee. I have sit here for 10 hours at work, ignoring Satan, and as I drive home a car in the next lane over comes zipping in front of me, attempting to take me out, I don't call this protection, I call it sloppy work, and unanswered prayers, hundreds and thousands of unanswered prayers. I do not believe this is God an a good God who writes the bible, I Believe its the power of Satan a powerful demonic force that these angels CAN NOT POWER OR CONTROL. Just Tuesday night as I was talking to my mother a demon came out of my eye, I could literally feel it coming out, as my eye started to tear up, I'm sorry but I think its wrong for a God to allow a demon to enter a man and do evil like this for this long when they been asked. Thank you for your time and patience in reading this matter...God Bless by the way, they have smart mouths, sending smart mouth messages like their cute, and NO I DO NOT THINK THIS IS REQUIRED SATAN, I THINK YOU GOD NEED TO HONOR PRAYERS AND FAITH AND MOSTLY YOUR BIBLE AND PROMISES....

Baby Evelyn brain injury during birth

We lift baby Evelyn for Gods healing hands to touch her and heal her brain.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.